17-year-old Boy Arrested For Plucking Out The Eye Of A 12-year-Old Beggar

17-year-old Boy Arrested For Plucking Out The Eye Of A 12-year-Old Beggar

A teenage boy identified as Isah Hassan has been arrested for plucking out the eye of a 12-year-old street, Mustapha Yunusa in Kano state.


The suspect confessed that he did so because he needed a charm for disappearing.

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For this purpose he had gone to meet his friend, Sani age 16, to help him find a way to be able to disappear whenever he wanted.

Sani then directed him to his grandmother who asked him to get the eyeball of a human being.

This is what she would use to prepare the charm for him. To get the eyeball, Isah went ahead to deceive and lure the 12-year-old to a nearby bush where he tied him up and then used a knife to pluck out his right eyeball.

He took the eyeball back to the grandmother who asked him to get it and she told him he would need to pay her N500 as well. He couldn’t afford it so she told him to keep the eyeball safe and bring it whenever he could.

After three days, the eye had decayed so he threw it away. The report was made by a resident of Sheka Danstinke Quarters, Kano.

After receiving the report, the police rushed down to the scene and took the boy to the hospital where the victim is currently receiving treatment.

Isah and the grandmother, Furera Abubakar have been arrested.

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