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    Escape The Rat Race, See Why You Need to Think Past The Four Walls of a Classroom.

    What is a rat race and how will I ever go past the four walls of a classroom?

    Let's get real, don't you think the Educational system is blindfolding us? did we really need to go to school at all?
    I think we have to, I mean without getting to know the basics of reading, writing, counting and calculating, you can't possibly be able to live a standard life in this our civilized world and most especially technological advanced world, the educational system helps in building the foundation pretty well.
    But then do we need to stick to the plan? As you grow you are put into schools, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, colleges... and whether we like it or not those facilities forge who we become.
    The fact that the educational systems lay bricks for us doesn't mean they must be the builders of our lives.
    Institutions bring us up from the starting points of our lives, they teach us how to read, write and speak eloquently and help us to understand what we want to do with our lives, that is, our career paths.
    But when you get into the university, you come to the realization that there’s more to life than what you were taught. You realize that to actually venture into the career path you’ve chosen for yourself, you need to acquire more skills and knowledge that you will not be taught in the confines of a classroom.
    At that point, you really decide who you want to be, you find out if the course you got into the university for is really the path you want to follow or not. Whether we believe it or not, the fact still remains that the true lessons of life are taught outside the four walls of a classroom.
    As Robert Kiyosaki stated in his book the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". we have to get out of the rat race.
    But what is the rat race?
    The rat race is going into the same direction over and over again, like running in circles and if we look into our educational systems very well you can notice that we've been moving into the same direction for centuries, they put us in schools to study hard for us to get a well-paying job and then we do this same thing to our own children and teach them to do the same thing to their own children. 
    This keeps going on, trapping us in the rat race.
    Going to the school itself is not a problem but what are they teaching, the same things they taught us a decade ago, the same things that many have to dumb immediately after college.
    We might be taught theory in class but it only gets practical when we leave our comfort and expand our horizons. We need to acquire knowledge, current knowledge because, in schools, it’s the same things we’re taught over and over and you cannot be current with past information.
    The classroom is a room for formal learning and formal listening, the teachers only teach what they were asked to teach, but outside we learn from people’s experiences.
    We learn what we really want, what really motivates us, and what will finally bring the life we've been dreaming about.
    Think about this, what is the main reason for putting a child in school?
    I know you're going to reply "to get knowledge" which is really great, but there is that loyal part of you that is now repeating "TO MAKE MONEY IN THE FUTURE AND TAKE CARE OF THE FAMILY".

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    Sure that is the real truth, we need knowledge but without the possibilities of becoming rich in the future, or at least getting enough money to take care of ourselves and family, many will reject the whole idea of going to school or training their children in schools.
    But then did they really teach us how to make this money in schools? I am just asking, you can answer me in the comment, I think if we have been taught this subject "Money Making" from Kindergarten to college, only God knows how many Billionaires we must have gotten today, but NO! we learn good English, sciences which have a good part to play in our world today, I agree with the advantages and then we learn math, we learn a lot of equations which only God knows where they disappear to immediately we left college.
    The point is we have been learning just the same things over and over, our educational systems have tried a lot in bringing changes to the world but we need to go past the rat race.
    We only become experts when we know the theoretical and practical parts of something. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort, don’t be afraid to take risks and don’t be afraid to be disappointed because if you allow fear to keep you in the four walls of a classroom, you yourself, become a disappointment.

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