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    Take A Break

     Take A Break

    Let’s be honest with each other, some of us don’t realize that we need breaks

    And how do we know we need breaks?
    You know you need a break when you no longer work with your schedule, that’s if you are someone that has a schedule. 

    At this point you start joggling whatever you are doing. You don’t follow the plan. You just do it as it comes. This makes you overwhelmed because they just keep coming. Along the line, you’ll get frustrated with everything. Everything feels like it’s throwing itself at you. 

    At this point you need a break.
    Not a long one like seven months or a year. I don’t mean those weird finding yourself thing and backpacking all around the world for year.

    It could be for a day or week or month. Just stop for a minute and look beyond that thing that seems to be clouding your thought. It could be anything. At this point I would mention some things like academics, work maybe family life, vacations and that sort of thing but these things have times you can take a break. You can’t say you want to take a break a week to the exam or you want to leave the office when you are not on leave.

    In cases like these, you could slow things down. Work at a sensible pace at least up on till the time you are allowed to take a break.  Then just lay down and relax.

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