27-Year-Old Motor Boy Drowns While Retrieving Bucket from Well

A community in Alaja, located in the Akinyele Local Government Area of Oyo State, has been thrown into mourning following the untimely death of a 27-year-old motor boy.

The victim, whose identity is yet to be disclosed, drowned while attempting to remove a bucket that fell into a well.


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According to reports gathered by PUNCH Metro, the victim and a truck driver were on their way to a destination in the state when their vehicle developed a mechanical fault around the Powerline/Moniya end of the new Ibadan/Oyo Expressway.

The driver parked the truck and began to assess the problem while the motor boy went in search of water to fill the radiator.It was during his search for water that the victim found a well in one of the mechanic shops in Alaja community.

An eyewitness, who spoke on condition of anonymity, recounted that the motor boy tied a rope to the bucket and threw it into the well.

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However, in the process of retrieving the bucket, the rope snapped, causing the bucket to fall back into the well.The motor boy, determined to retrieve the bucket, entered the well but unfortunately drowned in the process.

The tragic incident has left his family and colleagues devastated. As investigations continue, members of the community have expressed their condolences and called for increased safety measures around wells to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

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