37-Year-Old Woman Married To Rag Doll Throws Lavish Gender Reveal Party for Their Second Child

In a whirlwind of whimsy and unconventional love, Meirivone Rocha Moraes, renowned for her unique matrimony with a homemade rag doll named Marcelo, recently delighted fans with a gender reveal party.


The Brazilian beauty, already a proud mother to son Marcelinho, took to TikTok to reveal the impending arrival of their “baby girl,” adorably christened Marcela.

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Despite initial reservations about the anticipated expenses and extra effort of raising a girl, Meirivone gushed about her joy and Marcelo’s elation at the prospect of welcoming a little princess into their peculiar yet loving family fold.

The soirée, held in their cozy abode and attended by a close-knit circle of 40 friends and family, was a true spectacle. Overflowing with delectable treats including sumptuous chicken, pasta, salad, and a divine cake, the affair was complete with personalized sweets and an abundance of fizzy drinks.

Musical melodies filled the air as the crowd eagerly awaited the revelatory moment, basking in the joyous announcement of their daughter’s name, Marcela.

However, this rag doll romance hasn’t been without its rocky moments! Just a few months ago, whispers of trouble emerged when Meirivone claimed Marcelo had strayed for the second time. In a tit-for-tat move, she banished her ‘hubby’ to the couch and, in an eyebrow-raising twist, took a rather unconventional step as punishment by detaching Marcelo’s artificial manhood.

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