A Ghanaian Pastor Predicts the Death of P-square, DJ Spinall, DJ Perez & Other Superstars in The Nigerian Music Industry

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Pastor predict untimely assassination of Nigeria Music superstars

Prophet Reindolph Oduro Gyebi who is the general oversea of God’s Crown Chapel, in Ghana, strangely predicted a possible assassination of Nigeria music stars, such as P-square, a gang that consist two twin brothers, with another noticeable name DJ Spinall and DJ Perez.

The Ghanaian demand thorough prayers for this superstars and urge the people involved to be in prayers too to avoid the pending doom.

Assassination has been long forgot in the country but the Ghanaian pastor is sure there will soon be one which will include a big name.

According to him, “And I asked God what is this? And God said there is an attack coming after the music industry in Nigeria.

“And I saw some popular people that were being assassinated in the music industry of the Nigerians.

“With all due respect as the voice of God and the mouth-piece of the lord, this message needs to be carried to them and they have to be fortified in their prayer.

“In the music industry of Nigeria, there’s a wind that is blowing demonically entering into the music industry.

“Some of them are the bread-winners of their families, some of them will one day become transformers of peoples’ lives and we have to pray and preserve their lives.

“I saw a list, to be honest with you, I saw a list, on the list I saw, I cannot mention all the names but I’m urging them to pray as a prophet of God with the eyes of an eagle that travels.

“I saw a clear vision. If there’s any person called DJ Perez, DJ Spinal, DJ Blaze and others I pray for their lives. I pray for their destinies. The PSquares and whatever. I don’t know their names but I’m standing as a voice.”



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