Arsene Wenger To End Up At Tottenham After Pochettino Sack

Totenhem considering Arsene Wenger as a possible replacement to Mauricio Pochettino.

A sluggish start to the campaign for Tottenham Hotspur has seen them thrashed 7-2 at home to Bayern Munich, but that was not the only humiliation for the London club this week as Brighton destroyed a broken Spurs with 3 goals to none.

The club has conceded 10 goals in their last two matches and just a single win in the last four.

However, former Tottenham owner and investor, Lord Sugar, has already started his replacement plan for under pressure Spurs manager Pochettino, the British business guru has cried out to Arsene Wenger to come over to Tottenham.

Despite a recent announcement by Wenger, that he is considering a job offer from FIFA, that will bring him back to football, Sugar insist he have to come to spurs.

The former Tottenham owner tweeted Mirror Football’s story about Wenger’s job offer, and commented: “Come to Spurs.”

Lord Sugar posted the message during half-time of Tottenham’s Premier League match with Brighton, when Spurs were 2-0 down.

Tottenham went on to lose the match 3-0, days after they were hammered 7-2 by Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

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