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Living without a power generator in Nigeria is equivalent to not having gas in your cooker. Unfortunately, Nigeria’s National power supply is practically non-existent in most areas of the country, and even the few areas that have power, cannot boast of a steady and reliable supply. So here are some affordable generator prices in Nigeria for you to make an informed decision.

Portable Generators have been the best solution to this power problem, and depending on your needs and wants, there are various sizes for various purposes.


Why Every Nigerian Needs a Generator

Nigeria is a country with a population of over 200 million people, but only about 40% of them have access to reliable electricity. This means that the majority of Nigerians rely on generators to power their homes, businesses, and schools.

There are a number of reasons why Nigerians need power generators. First, as I mentioned earlier, the country’s power grid is unreliable. The grid is often overloaded and can’t keep up with demand, leading to frequent blackouts. Second, the cost of electricity from the grid is high. This is due to a number of factors, including government subsidies for the power sector and the high cost of fuel. Third, the quality of electricity from the grid is poor. This can lead to damage to appliances and electronics.

Are Generators the Best Alternatives

The use of power generators has a number of negative consequences and we will go through some of them. First of all, it is a major source of pollution. Generators emit harmful pollutants into the air, which can contribute to respiratory problems and other health problems. Secondly, it is a major source of noise pollution. Generators can be very loud, which can be disruptive and annoying. Thirdly, it is a major source of financial burden. The cost of fuel for generators can be high, and the cost of maintenance and repairs can also be significant.

Generators are the most affordable power solution for Nigerians at the moment

Sad Truth

Despite the negative consequences, the use of power generators is a necessary sin for many Nigerians. Until the country’s power grid is improved and the cost of electricity is reduced, Nigerians will continue to rely on generators to power their homes and businesses. At the moment even the most obvious alternative which is green energy or solar is not up to par in the country and requires a lot of money to operate.

Here are some of the things that can be done to reduce the reliance on power generators in Nigeria:

  • Improve the reliability of the power grid. This can be done by investing in new power plants and transmission lines.
  • Reduce the cost of electricity. This can be done by removing government subsidies for the power sector and by negotiating lower prices for fuel.
  • Improve the quality of electricity from the grid. This can be done by investing in new technology to reduce pollution and noise.
  • Improve the quality of solar energy technologies while also reducing the cost.

By taking these steps, Nigeria can reduce its reliance on power generators and improve the quality of life for its citizens.

Let’s get back to business. I’ll be showing you 10 various generators available in the country, from cheap babies to more affordable but rather expensive, heavy-duty boys. Note that in this article we are focusing more on the best value for your money instead of just cheap crap.

 1.8 Kva Senwei (50,000 – 87,000) 

1.8 Kv Senwei Generator price in Nigeria

This is an affordable, manual generator that was built for users who have very few, low-consumption electrical appliances and are available in most Nigerian stores.

Buy now on Jumia 1.8 Kva Senwei

Elepaq SV2200 Manual Start Generator 1.8kva (70,000-150,000)

Definitely, Elepaq is one of the most popular generator brands in the country, and they are tested and trusted.

This particular model has the same capacity as the Senwei product and is also designed for low-consumption appliances.

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Lutian Generator Manual Start LT3600EN-4 (100,000- 180,000)

Lutian Generator price

 With twice the power of the models above, this particular model is capable of powering a small apartment, and can even be used to power shops with slightly heavy electrical appliances.

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 SUMEC FIRMAN SPG3000 Manual Starter Generator (100% Copper) (130,000-220,000).

This particular model is a consumer favorite. You’ve most likely run into this automatic, petrol-powered bad boy multiple times in Nigeria. 

It’s a rugged design that’s capable of powering a typical Nigerian home with ease and the 100% copper engine doesn’t hurt either.

Buy Sumec on Jumia

 Elepaq Key Starter Gasoline Generator. 4.5 kva (170,000- 220,000).

Elopaq Generator price in Nigeria

Surprisingly, this model has the same look, same capacity, and same vibe as model number 4, but it comes with a cheaper price tag. So if you’re on a budget, you just might want to go for this baby.

Haier Thermocool TEC OGA Max 6900ES Generator 6.25 kva ( 300,000-360,000).

It’s bigger, stronger and definitely more expensive. When it comes to electrical appliances, Haier Thermocool is an old and prestigious name in the Nigerian market and this product of theirs definitely doesn’t disappoint with its automatic ignition and 6.25 kva capacity. Definitely a good buy if you require a good amount of power.

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Navigator Key Start Petrol Engine With Timer Switch. 7.2 kva ( 350,000- 370,000).

Navigator Key Starter - Generator price in Nigeria

If the cool, robot-like appearance doesn’t do it for you, then perhaps you would be wooed by the 7.2 kva engine that comes at about the same price range as the 6.25 Haier Thermocool product above. However, we all have to agree that this particular brand is less than popular in the Nigerian market, and very few stores across the nation would have it in-store.

Maxi Generator E50KWH 9.2 kva (400,000- 420,000) Generator prices in Nigeria.

Maxi might not be a household name, and this product might be expensive, but it’s certainly a heavy-duty model. It has a 9.2 kva engine and an automatic engine that should give customers a long and satisfying experience.

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Firman Soundproof Generator Prices in Nigeria Diesel 100% Copper Coil 10.5 kva ( 950,000-1,070,000)

Firman - Generator price in Nigeria

Yes, this model is different in every way. It’s a diesel engine unlike the rest, and it’s of a totally different design. It also produces more power than all the other models listed above.

Perkins Soundproof Generator prices in Nigeria 30kva (3,800,000- 4,500,000)

This big boy is a diesel-powered engine, that’s capable of powering a whole house or a mini-workshop with ease. However, when you consider the current pump price of diesel in Nigeria, you might want to consider going for one of the affordable, petrol-powered options.

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