Best Low-Budget Laptops You Could Buy

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Today, laptops are essential for most career fields, and even students need to have a personal computer to help them with their school projects. However, due to the pricy nature of laptops, we’ve decided to compile a list of the best low-budget laptops.

Low-Budget Laptops


  • First on the list is the Acer Aspire 5. This budget pc is a wonderful all-around machine that Acer loaded with an intel core i3 chip, 4 gigabytes of ram, and128 gigabytes of SSD storage. These specs are perfect for students and people who don’t plan to do anything, particularly tasking on their pc, and also a lot of features for a low-budget laptop.

  • next on the list is the Samsung Chromebook 3. This pc might be small, but it definitely packs a punch with its Intel Celeron N3060 chip that clocks in at 1.6GHz, an intel HD Graphics 400 chip, and 4 gigabytes of DDR3 ram, and 16GB of flash memory SSD. IF ALL THESE FEATURES AREN’T ENOUGH FOR YOU, THEN MAYBE THE FACT THAT THIS BAD BOY ALSO HAS A WATER-RESISTANT BODY, AND GREAT BATTERY LIFE WOULD INTEREST YOU.


  • Numero Tres, HP Stream 11. This pc comes off the box with windows 10 OS, it also comes with Office 365 and free one-year access to Onedrive. This mini-pc also has 32GB SSD storage, an 11.6-inch LED display, 2GB SDRAM, and an intel Celeron chip that is 1.6GHz fast.

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  • The Asus R410 pc comes in fourth. This laptop has a 4GB ram, 128 eMMC storage, and a 14-inch display. This pc is quite fast courtesy of its intel processor and eMMC storage that allows it to launch apps fast.

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  • Finally, the Asus C423NA with its dual-core intel Celeron chip, 4GB ram, 14-inch display, 64GB SSD and Chrome OS is the last entry on the list of low-budget laptops you should buy.

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