Big Big Brother Naija

Before we go far, dear die-hard fans of BBN, this article is based on my personal opinion (that may or may not be shared with a whole lot of other people), that being said, resist the urge to come for me🙏.


Big Brother is Dutch reality tv franchise established by John de Mol Jr, who was inspired by George Orwell’s’ novel “nineteen eighty-four”

The first contest was broadcasted in The Netherlands in 1999 and has spread to over 54 countries and regions (including Nigeria) as of today.

Big Brother Naija aka BBN is basically a social experiment that tries to observe how humans (represented by contestants) react and behave when amongst strangers from different walks of life.

The results never disappoint as there is usually lots of drama, tension, entanglements and activities designed for the ‘other room’ (in Buhari’s voice).

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Reasons Why You Should Watch.

1 Drama: If you’re bored, lonely, or still suffering from lockdown effects, BBN could be a wonderful way to while away time for you.

The show runs 24/7 for 90 days and has as much drama as you could expect from a show that basically locks strangers from different places and
with different personalities together for 90 days.

  1. Cruise: With all the high-grade tension, relationship struggles, love triangles, steamy 18+ events, BBN can be a fine way to catch a cruise, just sit back and watch the sweet boys get freaky with the fine, well-endowed specs (female housemates).
  1. Life lessons and ideas: While catching cruise and enjoying the dramatic events, you could also learn some lessons from the actions, mistakes, and successes of the housemates that could be useful in your personal life.
  2. You could also learn hustle tips from the housemates as
    some of them are successful, well-exposed individuals.
  3. General Fun: The show also has the housemates partake in games (head of house games, Arena games etc), the housemates also get live performances from celebrity artists and DJs. Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Watch.
  4. Sexual immorality: If you’re reading this and you’re not if legal age, or if you get offended by sexually immoral displays.

    DO NOT WATCH BBN, the show portrays abusive language, sexual content, and at times partial nudity. The show is designed for Adults and open-minded
  5. If you’re not a great fan of reality shows, if you don’t enjoy watching people try to stay real despite knowing their every action is under observation and scrutiny, then you won’t enjoy the show.
  6. Big Brother Naija can be distracting, and downright addicting. People often find themselves as engaged as the actual contestants, as the show takes over the majority of their lives for the 90-day duration.

    It’s all they talk about and post about if you’re not talking or thinking BBN, they’re not interested.

    This level of distraction often leads to a reduction in the level of productivity, as most of their attention is focused on the show.

    All of these being said, BBN is not a bad show, it just has some downsides that can be avoided with moderacy, if you can enjoy the show while maintaining your usual level of productivity in your daily life, then, by all means, carry on!


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