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Did you saw an interesting song out there and just got upset with the price tag below it? or you’ve gone to 3 different websites to download a single song but end up disappointed with seeing only YouTube videos, that course some real pain in my neck and I got to do something about it, hope it helps you too.

Wait did they forget it’s just an MP3 file that can be retrieved?

Try it down here.

You Can Also Download Youtube Videos. For Videos Click HERE

 Remember! this is not google, follow the rules below;


You’ve seen what I mean huh?

Sometimes I used to think, what the heck did these millionaires need some $20 bucks for? why would they not even allow their fans to enjoy their songs for free?

And I have just concluded that maybe they are just doing it to make us aware that those particular songs are more special. But don’t worry about that anymore, with the use of technology like the one above you can retrieve any MP3 file visible to FREEMP3DOWNLOAD bots for totally free.

You just have to mind how you render your search “term” here is a good example of searching an MP3 Here – Let’s say you want to search for Privacy by Chris Brown. You will type Chris Brown – Privacy.
Always wait for 3 seconds on every click

Simple huh! Enjoy


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