Bride Cancels Wedding One Day Before Ceremony After Shocking Discovery Of Letter

A Nigerian bride-to-be made the difficult decision to call off her wedding just one day before the scheduled date, after discovering a hidden fact about her husband-to-be.

The young woman had no idea that her fiancé had a secret until a visitor came to the house and handed him a letter, which he quickly hid from his bride-to-be, not realizing she was nearby.


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The curious bride-to-be searched for the letter and discovered that her husband to be

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The story was shared on Twitter by Dexterouz11, who said,

“My neighbours friend cancelled wedding on wedding eve after she found out the man had secret debts that can wreck family. He didn’t tell her.

A night b4 their wedding, a woman visited and she saw her giving he husband a letter. He hid the letter from her but she checked it out of curiosity because she think say na love letter. She found out the lady was a banker and it was a letter to carry his properties since he can’t pay bank loan. She say she no marry again.”

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