Cheating Is Choice Not A Mistake

Relationships are filled with ups and downs. It’s really impossible for someone to go through a relationship without facing problems.

Problems in relationship could arise because of conflicting interests, lieing, there are numerous things could cause issues in a relationship but we have to agree that the deal breaker is cheating.


The feeling of betrayal you get when you catch your partner cheating on you is great. The emotional trauma it causes scars you and it makes you scared to start another relationship.

When a partner is caught in the act of cheating, they give excuses like “i don’t know how it happened, it was a mistake”.

Now, we’re going to consider if it’s truly a mistake. You are in a relationship, right? And then you meet this other person. The person likes what you like, the person understands you, talks to you everyday.

The person doesn’t sleep without saying goodnight, when you need someone, the person is there. And you start comparing the person with your partner. Wishing your partner could be more like the person, bringing out the bad traits in your partner.

At that time, irritation sets in. Nothing your partner does is enough for you, your partner should be more like the other person. When you have issues with your partner, you run to the other person, then it happens, you cheat.

and all of a sudden it’s a mistake. “The cheating process is too long to be called a mistake.” It starts as a seed planted in your mind, its watered with your thoughts, you grow it with your emotions, then when you commit the act, it’s been harvested.

So why should we regard it as mistake? You had a choice to walk away, you did for a while then you made the choice to go back, so how is it a mistake?

It’s really impossible to be in a relationship and not find someone that looks like a way better deal than your current partner, but you should remember that there are people that are also better than you. When you Cheat, your partner will leave you and go for the better person.

Some people might say they were unable to control themselves but it’s all in your hands. When you notice yourself comparing your partner with another person, just think about the reason you chose your partner.

Think about the good times, remember why you decided to start a relationship with your partner. If you are unable to remember then drop the relationship, it does not have a foundation.

We have the power and the choice to uproot the seed from our mind but then most times we Don’t, just know that cheating is a choice not a mistake.



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