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The first mobile phone in history

Mobile phones have now become household items, but it hasn’t been like this for long. It may surprise you that just 15 years ago, most people in the world never knew anything about mobile phones. And I mean an overwhelming percentage of people, not just a few. But more surprisingly, the first phone was invented 50 years back.

The first phone

The concept of mobile phones that we have today was first brought about by a Finnish engineer named, Eric Tigerstedt but it took 50 years before the first handheld mobile phone was invented by Motorola.

Unsurprisingly, the first handheld phone in history was nothing similar to our phones today. The device Motorola invented in 1973 weighed around 2 kg or 4.4 lbs. That is roughly the weight of some dumbbells in today’s society.

It is important to remember that an average phone today weighs just around 140 grams to 170 grams or 0.14 kg and 0.17 kg respectively. That means the bad boys in 1973 weighed 14 times more than the phones we have today.

First Phone held by Inventor Martin Cooper

Technology has seen outrageous progress in recent years and we sometimes take many of the inventions we see today for granted.

Our phones do not just continue to decrease in size, there are much smarter too, hence we call them smartphones. But no matter how advanced our current mobile phones become, we can only appreciate the great minds that invented the first.

Generation of Mobile phones

Mobile phones have come a long way, we now have unbelievable smartphones that do infeasible things. The inventors of the first phone may not even have imagined what phones are capable of doing now. But each year we see even more improvements.

After the first phone by Motorola, we saw more improved phones over the years. From Siemens suitcase phone to Nokia’s Mobira and Samsung’s SH-100. The list goes on down to Apple iPhone 1 in 2007.

Here is the generation of improved mobile phones over the years.

Siemens First Phone Mobiltelefon C1

Siemens designed the Mobiltelfon like the Briefcase and it was one of the first phones in history. The company declined in popularity over the years but was once a superpower in the industry.

Nokia First Phone Mobira Cityman 900

In 1987, Nokia invented the Mobira Cityman which was an improved mobile phone of the time, the company continue its dominance until the introduction of smartphones.

Nokia first phone Mobira Cityman

Samsung First Phone SH-100

Samsung invented the first handphone in 1988, the company is known today for extravagant smartphones but they too had a humble beginning.

Motorola MicroTAC First Flip-phone

Motorola came again with the first flip phone after inventing the first phone ever, the company contributed greatly to the evolution of cell phones. They invented the first flip mobile in 1989.

Motorola first flip phone MicroTAC

Nokia 1011 First GSM Phone

Nokia also had an immense contribution to the evolution of cellphones, the company created the first ever GSM mass-produced cellphones in 1992.

IBM Simon First Touchscreen

IBM was the first company to invent a touchscreen mobile and also the first smartphone that features applications, the company created the device in 1994.

IBM first phone with touchscreen

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Ericsson T39 First Bluetooth Mobile Device

Sony Ericsson was the first company to introduce Bluetooth technology into mobile phones, the company created the Ericsson T39 featuring Bluetooth in 2001.

Apple iPhone 1

Apple introduced the iPhone 1 also known as the iPhone 2G in 2007, the smartphone was the first of its kind with a wider touchscreen display and fewer buttons compared to any other phones of that time.

Apple first iPhone

HTC Dream Android

The first ever Android phone was launched by HTC, a year after the iPhone was launched. Android and iPhone continue to battle for the best mobile operating system to this date.

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Samsung Galaxy SCH-R900

Samsung helped in the evolution of mobile phones and is currently one of the best smartphone manufacturers, arguably the best. The company has the most expensive devices and is known to manufacture many parts of Apple’s iPhone. They were the first to invent a 4G cellphone which was invented in 2010.

Samsung first 4G smartphone

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