Davido and Chioma Welcomes Their First Child [See Photos]

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Chioma finally gave birth to Davido’s first born OBO Jnr.

The two celebrities now becomes parent as Chioma delivered her first child in London, Davido was all smiles as he holds his first son which he immediately named after him, David Ifeanyi Adeleke Jnr.

He took to his social media, the birth of his so self  acclaimed prince on 20th of October, 2019.

OMOBA TI DE!!! DAVID ADEDEJI ADELEKE Jr I !! D PRINCE IS HERE!!!! 20 – 10 – 2019 !!! Love you my STRONG WIFE!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! ❤💕

Davido all smiles as he holds his new born

Guess what? the Baby is already a model for a diaper company, Mario & Juliet baby diaper, the baby becomes a model barely two days after touching the earth.

He was reported to have about 200 fake Instagram accounts opened in his name.

By the way, he is special.

Davido with Wife and Son

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