Did Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi holds no malice against each other?_Find Out

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have dominated the world of Football for about thirteen (13) years now.

Ronaldo and Messi’s APE display

The two have racked up ten (10) Ballon d’Or (World Best Footballer of the year) between themselves within the space of 12 years and have both been nominated for the inaugural award for eleven (11) times,  Cristiano Ronaldo (11 times) Lionel Messi (11 times), they’ve also dominated the La Liga top goal scoring chart for more than a decade before Cristiano Ronaldo decides to embrace another challenge in the serie a.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi were hinted to have no personal grudges by many media outlets, some even stating the two are close to being friends but there are no physical proves to the relationship of the two superstars.

But there is a coincidence which shows the two football legends are not in a friendship, the visible prove is their inability to follow each other on social media.

So, why doesn’t Ronaldo and Messi follow each other on Instagram?

Cristiano Ronaldo as everyone knows is a type of person who loves to show himself a lot, So we can say it’s a matter of APE as stated by Nkosi on Quora, by the way, APE means Arrogance, Pride and Ego, many can doubt that Messi did not fall in those categories but he did, comparing to his numerous reactions and most of all, being human.

Ronaldo is an outspoken person. He thrives on controversy and doesn’t mind speaking his mind and we can all assume that he’s definitely thought of “I can’t follow someone whom people thinks is better than me at what I do” and that’s quite common.

But here’s a fun fact, Messi is exactly like Ronaldo but better because he can control his mouth as good as he can control the ball. total honesty huh!

but honestly speaking Messi is just as arrogant, proud and has a big ego like Ronaldo. It’s a common “men thing”.

And for the two to snub each other on Instagram despite Instagram pestering them for long (how do I know huh? it’s common sense) shows that both are not totally in good terms, and also both are full of pride and ego that can’t let them do it.

Have you seen this?
It seems like a football boutique shop, but surprisingly one shirt is missing and that’s Ronaldo’s

That can make you rethink about Messi’s ego.

And of course

Ronaldo mocks Simeon in the UCL earlier this year
Total arrogance I guess

And have you ever wondered why both Messi and Ronaldo snub each other when voting for the Ballon d’Or even with three chances? that is the APE at work and no doubt their relationship is nothing more than a fellow sportsman.

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