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I like BME being free to use for everyone.

When I started working on BME around 3 months ago, I loved the idea of creating applications and giving back to the community. Over this period, this initial intention hasn’t changed. In addition, I’ve got to know many people from all around the world who enjoy using BME and get value out of it. This gives me a ton of motivation.
After learning app development, co-founding a new company and working for a while, I went on to be a Developer in 2018.
I create my income from the websites and apps I’m creating. I love it! It allows for having long stretches of deep work, having my own schedule and focusing on a project.
So, I am asking you to download my app, try it, and if you like it and want to be one of BME True Fans, please come back and make a donation. Any amount is appreciated!
It is absolutely voluntary — so you won’t get less support or crippled versions if you don’t.

Thank you!

As a thank you when you voluntarily donate to support us, we will remove all ads on your app to keep away the distractions + we will be letting you have our expert picks and fixed games.

Payment Details

Bank: Zenith Bank
Acc No: 2210653476
Acc Name: Terkuma Victor

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