DSTV NOW: Watch DSTV For Free On Android (2022)

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I’ve got another juicy tech hack, and this one’s for our TV lovers. This hack I’m about to share teaches you how to watch DSTV for free on your smartphones so stick around.


Watch DSTV For Free

In this article, I’ll be sharing some methods through which you can stream DSTV channels live from your android device.

DSTV 101.

DSTV is a satellite tv service that gives its subscribers access to premium entertainment channels where they can enjoy Sports, Movies, Music videos, Cartoons, Tv series, and lots more.

Method 1: The Mobdro app.

Like all good hack apps, Mobdro isn’t available on Google play.

Watch DSTV For Free

Fortunately, though, it can be downloaded from mirror links via browsers, just open your browser and search for “ Mobdro apk app”, and you’ll get a list of options where you can download from.

Once the app has been downloaded, go ahead to install it by tapping on the file and following the prompts.

After installation, the app would go on to automatically update itself once a good network is detected, as channels in the Mobdro app will not appear or work if the update has not been carried out.

  • Steps;

Step 1: Run the Mobdro app and select any of the categories you desire from the given option.

Step 2: Select any of the channels in the category you chose, and start streaming for free with your internet connection without any charges outside data consumption.

NB: The Mobdro app- like any streaming app- requires a very strong internet connection for a better experience.

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NEXT UP: The Kodi App.

Like the aforementioned Mobdro app, the Kodi Tv app also allows you to watch DSTV channels for free.

Watch DSTV For Free

With this app, you can stream premier league matches, movies, music videos, etc for free.

1: To use the Kodi Tv app, repeat the search and download steps mentioned in the steps for the Mobdro app(open your browser, search, download, and install). 

2: After installing, Run the Kodi app.

3: Select a channel from the given list

4: Enjoy.

Fortunately, an upside to this Kodi Tv app is that it works on android, IOS, Windows, and Mac devices. 

Watch DSTV For Free

If you have more tested and trusted methods for free or affordable streaming, kindly show love and share in the comments section.

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