Genuine Friendship: How to spot a good friend

Genuine Friendship

Genuine friendship
ShootOut Now; Genuine Friendship.

Who is our Genuine Friend?

Is it the ones that are with us during our hard times? (or)
The ones that advise and tell us the truth even if it hurts.

Here is our opinion about who a genuine friend is.

First of all, Who is a Friend?

Genuine friendship

A Friend is a person with whom one has a strong bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations.

Secondly, What is Friendship?

Genuine friendship

Friendship is simply a relationship of mutual affections between people. Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association.

Friend and Friendship share a similar meaning, Friendship differs a little as it’s a combination of two or more parties (Friend 1 and Friend 2 or more).

Friendship is not only formed by people of the same sex but it is not supposed to be an intimate relationship even when it is from a different gender.

Friendship Variations;
Good Friend.
Bad Friend.
Best Friend.
Normal Friend.
Genuine Friend.

If we still continue counting we will surely find loads of more friends types, but these are the ones we will discuss in this article.

We often say we have a good friend or Bad Friend, this is mostly because of our expectations and needs, when you have a friend who has different interests from yours, it’s difficult for you two to have a good friendship, as you are more likely to be disagreeing regularly which is always the first part of spoiling a good Friendship.

Good Friend.

Genuine friendship
SON IMAGE: Good friends

Good friends have a huge impact on our success, confidence, and happiness; they give us confidence, make us feel valued, and offer support and love to us when we need it. 

All friends are special because each one is unique, but some common factors make a good friend.

Staying in times of trouble; 

This is one of the best ways to know your Good Friends, they are a lot of friends who show us love, protection, and care. 

But they can’t stand with us when we disgust everyone else, when we are in a huge mess, for instance, you are with this your friend and somehow he is unfortunately accused of theft and there is some fake proof that is just coincidental, but everyone turns their back on him not asking to hear his own side of the story, then you as a friend gather the courage to motivate him to tell you exactly what happened even though you yourself somehow believe the proof because it looks obvious.

From his story, you can discover that it was all a set – up and then know what exactly happened. this is what we call a good friend.


Good Friends advise us whether we are older than them or not, a normal friend can accept our ideas but fail to tell us where we flop but a good friend did not only listen but find something to advise us on.


A good friend supports us on what he/she thinks it’s good for us, they do not force us to stop even when they are not 100% OK with it if we insist it is OK, then it’s okay. Also, they didn’t just support us by saying “yes ‘you’ can do it” but “yes ‘we’ can try it” which means they are with us on the idea and are ready to play their part if we need them.

In Times of Need; 

Good friends did not only stick to us when we are wealthy or financially stable, but they also stay with us when we are poor or unstable financially, it doesn’t mean your normal friends go away but their character changes, While Good Friends looks at us the same way.

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Bad Friend.

A bad is just the opposite of a good friend they are the friends who didn’t have anything positive to contribute to our lives, they pretend to be happy with us only to go behind our backs to gossip about how annoying we are. 

The most notable way of detecting whether your friends are not good enough, is the “negative advice” they give you and also they are always too jealous of you, always pretend to be happy whenever you achieve something but the only thing they can’t hide is the ingenuity in their laughs and smiles, a bad friend is not good to keep as their jealousy will do you more harm than good.

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Best Friend

A best friend is sometimes mistaken as an excellent friend, maybe it’s because it is the superlative of good, but in reality, we don’t count them with that. 

A best friend is a Friend we choose as our most vital friend, often called bestie, you can sometimes mistake and pick up a bad friend as your bestie, but the fact is your best friend might be your Good friend, Bad Friend or Genuine Friend, this depends on your choice, so don’t just choose someone as your best friend, check his/her characters towards you and choose wisely.

Normal Friend

A normal friend is actually one of our good friends which usually have a different lifestyle or is not of the same grade as us, in this case, the friend will not be there for us every time, not because he didn’t care but because he has other activities which we didn’t know about, sometimes they try their best to reach us but did not make it, this kind of friends did not see each other regularly, but still care for each other.

Genuine Friend

This is our real Focus, A genuine friend does all the things a good friend does but much better. 

Genuine Friends did not only accept what will tell them but believed in it.

They are the friends who trust us and read our characters enough to defend us on our backs.

A good friend supports you but a genuine friend guide you. They are the friends who tell us the bitter truth, they do not only accept our ideas but brings new ideas to make it a whole, 

This is the kind of friend that we have to choose as our best friends.

In Conclusion, Genuine Friendship is when two people trust, cherish, love, help, support, understand, and guide each other in every condition.

You can’t be happier choosing any other friend as your best friend unless you choose a genuine Friend to be your bestie.

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