1st winner
– 15,000 + SON PFP
2nd winner – 10,000 + SON PFP
3rd winner – 5000 + SON PFP

4-11 Personalised Famous Page.
(PFP Means a ShootOut Now Personalised fame page, to know more about the PFP, you won’t want to skip this. click here)

Contest Guidelines (Rules)


  • Follow @shootoutnowcom and @sonmarinecorps
  • Become a member of the sonmarines
  • Create a post on Instagram with a screenshot of your shootoutnow (sonmarines) dashboard or profile and  make sure you mention @shootoutnowcom & @sonmarinecorps in your caption
  • Use this hashtags #shootoutnow #sonmarines #sonmediagiveaway.
  • Tag 5 of your friends that you can protect by all costs.

  1. Second Step (Alternative: must-do for the 1st winner prize)

Share your dashboard or Profile image in a post and tell your friends to vote for you by liking your post and following @shootoutnowcom & @sonmarinecorps.

this rule determines the 1st winner.
!…Note: the people voting for you have to follow the two Accounts before their votes will be counted.


How we are selecting winners.

We want everyone to get something out of their time and resources, that is why we create 2 simultaneous rules.


1st winner

The participant with the most engagement i.e likes and comments and also follows leads to shootoutnow (@shootoutnowcom) as described above on the second step and at least a top 10 finish on the son marines leaderboard. (Learn how to get at the top of the leaderboard below)


2nd winner

The participant with the highest Ammo on son marines.


3rd winner

Runners up on the son marines leaderboard.



Based on the position on the leaderboard following the first three.


How to get rewards

Create an account on ShootOut Now Marines


Log in daily and complete some tasks on your dashboard to get Ammo.


You can also refer your friends and get points when they visit or accept your offer to join.


To know your balance, log in to your account.



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