Here Is Why You shouldn’t Force Love

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When you have feelings for someone, it’s only natural that we want the person to feel the same way, but what if the person doesn’t?


For there to be a relationship, the feelings have to be mutual, you cannot start a relationship based on ‘he or she will come to love me later’.

The foundation of that relationship is weak.

If you have feelings for someone but it’s just a one-way thing, the best thing is to let go because if you persist the person will see you as a nuisance that’s making him or her uncomfortable. If you continue to persist and the person gives in, there’s a sixty percent chance, it’s out of pity. Neither of you will be happy, you’ll be walking on eggshells around your partner, any mistake and the person is going to drop you.

Another reason is that your partner won’t be happy and if your partner isn’t happy, you definitely won’t be happy. This is because your partner will feel very pressured in the relationship and pressure is not something people appreciate.

Forcing a relationship is equivalent to forcing love and forcing love is forging hate. There’s actually a thin line between love and hate and forcing love on someone, is crossing that line.

Haven’t you heard the saying “if you love someone, let them go” It’s more like if you love someone but the feeling isn’t mutual, let them go, if you do they’ll realize on their own if both of you were meant to be they’ll come running back to you and that relationship will last but if they realize the opposite, respect that decision and move on.

If you and someone are meant to be together, there should be no such thing as forcing the relationship, it will come naturally.



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  1. Mike says

    Very informative

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