Who Owns Google?

Who owns google? This is one question many people around the world have no answer for. The internet is a universe of intertwined networks containing important informations. However, due to the vast nature of the internet, computer users

Premier League 2022 Begins

It would appear that Tottenham didn't come to play this premier league season, as the North London club absolutely battered Southampton on Friday. Video Credit: Cam Shot Southampton started off well, and


Best Forums In Nigeria For Youths

Online forums are popular among young people in Nigeria as they offer a means of communication, exchange of ideas and information, and networking. With the biggest population in Africa Nigeria have so many youths who love to share

Best Generator Prices in Nigeria 2023

Living without a power generator in Nigeria is equivalent to not having gas in your cooker. Unfortunately, Nigeria's National power supply is practically non-existent in most areas of the country, and even the few areas that have power,

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