How To Check Glo Balance And Bonus

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If you’re a Globalcom user who doesn’t know how to check Glo account balance then keep reading.

In this article, you are going to learn the three ways you can view your account balance. You will also find out ways you can check your balance without having to use or remember the codes. For example “*124#, *345#” and the other numerous codes that you can easily forget.


Let’s jump into it

How to check Glo Bonus

You can check the Glo bonus by dialing #122# This will display all your Glo bonuses

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The first method to check Glo account balance is using USSD Codes.

Simply dial *124*1# on your device and your Glo account balance will appear. Pretty simple right?

Benefits of using this method

  1. It’s very fast
  2. can be done without an internet connection.
  3. 3. can be done on all devices

The second method you can use to view your account balance is using the Glo mobile application.

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  1. To do this you need to download the Glo mobile application to your smartphone either using the play store or the apple store.
  2. Register using your details i.e mobile number
  3. When you are done with the registration, you’ll see your account balance.

The downside of this method is that you need an internet connection and a smartphone.

how to check glo balance

But it’s beneficial because you can easily check other things too like your data balance, and airtime bonus balance and can be used to process other self-service actions (e.g recharge, data purchase, chat with customer service, NIN linking, etc) for free in seconds.

The third method you can use to check the Glo account balance is calling customer care service.

This is not the easiest way cause you might be required to wait for a little but you can definitely get your Glo account balance by calling customer service.

There you have it, three ways you can check your Glo account balance.

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