I Will Never Collaborate With ‘Tiwa Savage’ Yemi Alade Confesses.

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Yemi Alade confesses that she might never collaborate with fellow singer Tiwa Savage.

The two Nigerian singers were hinted to have a good relationship in recent days but Yemi Alade kills it all with her recent revelation about their collaboration.

Tiwa Savage recently posted Yemi Alade’s new album “Woman Of Steel” on her Instagram story and went ahead to pronounce the Afro queen as a true woman of steel, she also rain praises for the 30 year old on Instagram, this spark a lot of reactions from their fans and everyone was thinking the two might use this heat to collaborate together.

But Yemi has a different thing to say as she was asked about a possible collaboration between her and Tiwa Savage on Ndani TV.

The CIA crooner told Ndani TV “All my life when have been choosing collaborations, it is not based on how I feel. It’s unfortunate that with the feelings and troubles that people keep stirring in our ways, it probably will never allow us to ever have a collaboration. Because you’re not sure the outcome would even be positive or be over run by negative things and all the fights.

“When we do music, we do it so people can be happy, so when we do a song together, what are we fueling? What are we encouraging? That’s the most important question when I do collaborations, there is an aim. I think what would be would be,” Alade said.


In December 2018, the duo engaged in a heated war of words on social media, after Yemi Alade claimed some female artistes enlarge their buttocks in photos to deceive fans.

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