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Staying Idle on your break or None of your Friends are Online? fill the Gap with our funny jokes that will surely brighten up your day and make you laugh your lungs out.

A man got this message from his neighbour; “Sir, I am so sorry but I have this confession to make. I have been sharing your wife with you behind your back day and night and mostly when you are not in town. I have used your wife in my kitchen, bedroom, parlour and also in your own apartment and at times right under your nose. I have to also admit that I have used your wife more than you do. I feel I should let you know cause I feel so guilty. I promise never to do it again”.The man was so mad that he shot his wife dead! Few minutes later he received another message from the same neighbour stating;  “So sorry for the spelling mistake. I meant to write WIFI and not WIFE!”If you were the husband, what will you do? 😸😹😹😂

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