Jose Mourinho Admits That Tottenham Has Problems He Can’t Solve.

Tottenham’s manager Jose ‘The Special One’ Mourinho, has committed a rare act of humility, as the veteran manager says his team has problems that he “cannot resolve” himself.

Image Credit: Goal


However, despite admitting to having such difficult problems, Mourinho refused to accept that spurs-who have lost 5 games out of their last 6- is going through a crisis, claiming instead t ppl xn4579hat it is just a “bad, very bad run”. 

Spurs’ latest 2-1 defeat to Manchester United, leaves them in ninth place on the league table, where they are nine clear points behind the Hammers, who are currently holding the number 4 position.

Speaking in an interview after their loss to United, Moutinho said, “I wouldn’t say crisis, I would say a bad, a really bad run of results. That is obvious, we’re losing too many matches.”

“I think for a long, long time, we have problems in the team that I cannot resolve by myself as a coach. In the Europa League we are alive, It’s a window of opportunity that is open for us. Maybe we can also get to the Champions League through the Europa League.”

Recent newspaper reports suggest that Mourinho’s days as Tottenham’s manager might be numbered if he failed to win against United, but for the moment, the Special One retains his post and would be looking forward to his next match.

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