Lady Reveals What She Did After She Found Out Her Husband Was Cheating

Akanbi Semilore’s life took an unexpected turn when she discovered her husband’s infidelity, and what she did next left everyone in awe.

Responding to a tweet asking people how they had found out about their partners’ unfaithfulness, Semilore decided to share her unique story.


It all began when Semilore’s husband returned home from work, engrossed in a conversation with his secret lover, a colleague.

Little did he know that his unfaithfulness was about to be exposed in an innocent yet ingenious way. As her husband dozed off during their chat, his unlocked phone lay within Semilore’s reach.

Her curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to take a peek at their conversation. To her shock, she discovered that the other woman was none other than her husband’s coworker.

Determined to confront the issue discreetly, Semilore devised a clever plan. She swiftly replaced her husband’s WhatsApp profile picture with a heartwarming image of herself cradling their child.

In her own words, Semilore explained, “My husband had been having an affair with a colleague from his office, leading her to believe he was single. After he returned home, had his dinner, and dozed off while chatting, I decided to take action. I changed his profile picture to one of me holding our child.”

See the tweet below:

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