UCL: Liverpool Defeats Inter Millan At San Siro.

Liverpool has taken another step closer to the Champions League quarter-finals, after defeating Inter Milan at San Siro.

Image Credit: BBC Sports.


The match was starting to look like another goalless draw, before Liverpool’s Firmino broke the deadlock with a headed goal.

Mohamed Salah then doubled Liverpool’s tally, when he scored with a deflected strike very late in the match.

These late goals mean the Reds would be heading into the second leg against inter Millan with a 2 goal lead.

Liverpool would also have home advantage, as they would be playing Inter on their home turf Anfield.

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Unfortunately, it wasn’t all joy for the reds, as their marksman Diogo Jota, was injured during the match and would most likely miss the second leg.

What Next For Liverpool?

Liverpool have now won seven consecutive matches across all competitions.

However, Klopp’s team had to struggle for this win and would be looking to either increase or defend their lead in the second leg at Anfield.

Liverpool remains actively engaged in the hunt for four trophies, and the reds might secure one when they face Chelsea in the Carabao Cup final at Wembley on 27 February.\

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