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Y-Snazzy Micheal has come with the Lyrics of his trending track “Dance for the King”.

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Y-Snazzy -” Dance For The King ” Lyrics   
Verse 1 ▶
Everybody eh
Are you Ready?

Everyday that I wake up in the morning I said thank you Lord for the life where you give me. 2x

Everyday na testimony
(hu na testimony)2x
Everyday Na blessing blessing
(shai na blessing blessing)2x

Everyday that I wake up in the morning ehh
Thank you Lord life you gave to me for the life you gave to me.

Haa…. Ha ha Ha…..

Dance for The King (8x)

I go dance for the king
You go dance for the king
We go dance for the king
Dance for the King (2x)

Verse 2
Thank you Jesus for that you die for me, a sinner man like me.
Thank you Baba for de plenty blessings for de plenty grace.
Hu hu hu hu
You shower blessings, plenty blessings,
 shai na plenty blessings
You shower plenty blessings upon my life, you shower grace, plenty grace oh,
 na plenty grace,
You shower grace plenty grace oh upon my life.


Verse 3
(Ayaya ehh)2x
ABASI Ayaya ABASI Ayaya Ehh,
(Ayaya ehh…)
Ayaya oh ABASI Ayaya ohh

Utibe Ima ABASI Ku Uwem mmi 2x

Akwa mfon ABASI Ku Uwem Mmi 2x

Utibe Ima ABASI Ku Mmi oh 2x

Eyen Eka di se se ABASI Anamde Ku Uwem Mmi


Dance for the king hiiii, Dance for the King oh,
dance for my king hiii,
Everyday when I wake up (wake up) everyday when I wake up (wake up hmm) I dey Thank God oh oh oh oh oh.
(We are now spiritual Le)


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