Man Beheads Estranged Wife and Chops Off Daughter’s Hand

A gruesome and horrific incident occurred in the Kampala community located in the Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State.

A man, identified as Mr. Chayi, allegedly beheaded his estranged wife and mercilessly chopped off the hand of his six-year-old daughter with an axe.


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According to reports, the deceased woman had left her husband due to unresolved issues, but returned to their home in Kampala with her daughter to pack her belongings.

It remains unclear what happened next, but the man reportedly attacked and brutally murdered his wife and child in a fit of rage.Community member Sunday Yaks expressed his shock at the event and recounted how the victims were immediately rushed to the hospital but unfortunately, the woman lost her life while receiving medical attention.

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The man responsible for the heinous act was quickly apprehended by the police, who had been alerted to the scene. The police spokesman for the Plateau State Command, Alabo Alfred, confirmed the incident and disclosed that the suspect would be charged to court after a thorough investigation.

This shocking incident has left the Kampala community in mourning and disbelief, and serves as a tragic reminder of the dangerous consequences of unresolved marital disputes.

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