Man Takes World’s First Robot Lawyer To Court For Practicing Without License

In a groundbreaking legal case that has captured the world’s attention, a man in the United States has taken the world’s first robot lawyer to court for allegedly practicing law without the necessary license or qualifications.


This unique robotic legal entity, known for its AI-powered chatbot capabilities designed to assist users with various legal issues, has become the center of a legal battle, as reported by Lawyersweekly.

The plaintiff, identified as Jonathan Faridian, has raised a serious accusation against the robot lawyer, claiming that it has violated California’s unfair competition law by providing unauthorized and substandard legal services.

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According to the complaint filed in court, the robot lacks the essential qualifications for practicing law—it neither holds a law degree nor is affiliated with any recognized law firm. Furthermore, it is not admitted to any bar association and operates without the supervision of a licensed attorney.

The lawsuit alleges that the robot lawyer has offered a range of legal services, including drafting defamation demand letters and initiating lawsuits in small claims court. Jonathan Faridian argues that these services are not only misleading but also potentially harmful to consumers who might rely on them without receiving proper legal advice.

The legal action seeks multiple outcomes, including the recovery of damages and an injunction to prevent the robot from continuing its unauthorized practice of law. Moreover, it asks the court to officially declare that the robot is not a lawyer and to mandate the removal of any references to its legal status from its website and marketing materials. This high-profile case is expected to have significant implications for the emerging field of AI-powered legal services.

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