Mercy Johnson In Trouble For Her Attitudes On Youngsters in The Movie Industry

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Mercy Johnson under attack as her attitude on Nollywood younger actress reviewed.

Mercy Johnson Okojie has invited trouble for herself as she treats her juniors and fellow actress in the movie industry badly.

The Nollywood actress has been under attack on social media after she was exposed by one of her prey, the movie actress was first reported by Sonia Ogiri on instagram.

Sonia Ogiri made an Instagram post “Healing Process” where she went ahead and write her bitter experience with fellow Actress “Mercy Johnson“.

The youngster has cried out that she come into the movie industry and was welcomed by everyone, she had no problem and feeled loved until she met Mercy Johnson and everything becomes sour for her, she recounted how Mercy Johnson do mean things to her even to an extent of advising Directors not to give her movie roles.

Sonia wrote on her page “Healing process; Hey sis Mercy Johnson Okojie, I think is time to talk about all the pain you inflicted on me all these years in order for my healing process to take place.

“I hope MOTHERHOOD has changed you and you now understand when a mother wants to make her kid or kids proud of her tomorrow and just like you were overwhelmed by the love people showed you on your birthday, I hope you show/act true love towards people too.

“I needed to revisit this so as to get it off my chest cos holding it in all these years felt like I was imprisoned and it’s about time set my free.

“Ps Tell your fans not to come for me cause you and you alone knows I’m not lying. Have a great day.”

Also another Nollywood Actress, Angela Okorie backed the claim made by Sonia, as she alleged that Mercy Johnson “did worse things to her and even fought her spiritually and physically.”

“She did worse than that to me and I confronted her and she started fighting me spiritually and physically, oil dey my head small small witches no reach Abeg,” she wrote on her Instagram page.

However, Mercy Johnson is has not yet responded to any of these allegations on her social media pages.

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