Nollywood Teen Actress/Producer Regina Daniel’s Surprises Her Mom With A Duplex.

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Regina Daniel who has recently purchased a 7 million Car has took to her Instagram page recent photos of a Duplex she purchased for her mother. 

The Nollywood Teen Actress recently started producing movies and is now a student of Igbinedion University in Edo state.

She came into acting when she was Seven (7) years old through her Actress Mother Rita Daniel’s and was stared in her first Movie “Marriage of Sorrow” which earned her a sum of Ten thousand naira (N10,000).

Other Movies the Teen stared in are;

  • Dumebi in School
  • Python Girl
  • The Bat-Man
  • The Jericho
  • Plantain Girl
  • Jaja the Great
  • The Jericho (as producer)
  • Twins Apart (as producer)
  • Tears of Ojiugo
  • Wipe your Sorrows
  • Royal Covenant
  • Traditional War (Part 1)
  • Stronger Than the Gods
  • The King and The Python
  • Hanging Coffin
  • Evil messenger 1 and 2
  • Queen Rebeca
This is according to Wikipedia

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Regina Who recently becomes a movie producer has already produced a couple of movies including “The Jericho” and “Twin apart” has shown her gratitude to her figure Mother by purchasing her a multi-million Duplex stating that it’s “a token of appreciation” to her mother,  the Teenager has joined big spending Entertainers when she purchased a  brand new Mercedes Benz ML350 jeep for herself  for Seven million Naira (N7000000).

Below are the photos the sensational Actress share on her Instagram profile.

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