Pope Francis Narrowly Escaped Death as He Was Stuck for hours in a Vatican Lift

Pope Francis Escaped Death

The Head of Roman Catholic Church and the sovereign of the Vatican City State, Jorge Mario Bergoglio who is the Pope Francis of the Catholic Church (Christian Mythology) has narrowly escaped death today.

The 82 year old Argentine has narrowly escaped death today in Vatican City, he reported that he was stuck in an elevator for about 25 minutes without knowing what was happening, only for firefighters to come to his rescue.

It was later on discovered to be an electricity fault in the Vatican building which makes the whole systems in the building to shut down and probably make the elevators stand still.

“I have to beg your pardon,” the smiling pontiff said as he started the address about 10 minutes late, according to Reuters.

He then continued to explain that there had been an electrical power problem in the Vatican and that he had been stuck in the elevator until freed by Vatican firefighters (officers).

“A round of applause for the fire brigade,” he told the crowd of people.

Glory be to God for his divine intervention and thanks to the Firefighters for making the work of God possible.

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