Reactions As White Woman Celebrates Fifteen Years In Nigeria

Thessa Bagu has caused a bit of buzz on social media with her recent post on her linkedin page. She’s currently celebrating her fifteenth year anniversary of being in Nigeria.

it turns out that she actually left Canada after she decided to take two years off from work and it somehow increased to fifteen years and she has had no regrets about her decision.


Thessa says that her decision to remain in Nigeria helped her life take a turn for the better. She admitted that staying in Nigeria is quite challenging and unpredictable and there have been times when she wanted to just pack up and leave.

Recalling times when she had asked people to give her reasons to stay, she said she was told to stay for the Jollof rice, affordable child care, business opportunities and the possibility of her having a huge impact in Nigeria. But still she questioned if these reasons were really compelling for her to stay.

Over the years she realized that Nigeria does have a lot to offer. She was blessed with a fabulous family, amazing friends, a thriving business and an optimistic spirit. Everytime something seems tough, she tells herself “Tomorrow go betta”.

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Thessa doesn’t seem to be interested in leaving Nigeria as she ended her celebratory message with “you won’t see me in Canada anytime soon”.

Her post has quite a number of reactions from various social media platforms. They are celebrating with her and admiring her love for Nigeria and how she chose to give the country a chance. Check out the reactions below.

source:linkedin @ThessaBagu


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