Ruggedman refutes people’s claim about his involvement in Naira Marley’s Arrest.

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  • Rugged Records Boss Ruggedman has denies claim over his involvement in the arrest of fellow artiste Naira Marley.
  • The two artiste were in a huge controversy following a deleterious post by Naira Marley on “Yahoo Business”
Image: Ruggedman refutes ‘he did not order any authority to arrest Naira Marley
Nigerian Veteran Rapper and Rugged Records Boss Ruggedman denies claims that he has cornive with security officials for the arrest of Naira Marley.

The problem begins when Nigerian young artist Naira Marley publicly drops a statement that ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ business is a retaliation for slave trade which wiped Africa of its resources and its people.

The statement was not backed by many Nigerian Celebs including Ruggedman, the veteran rapper disagree with him stating ‘Naira Marley’s statement is not a reflection of the black race and his thinking is way off.’
But the problem arises from the end of his comment, which call the young Nigerian singer an upcoming Artist.

The “Issa Goal crooner” then got upset by the comment and fires back at the music legend stating that the rapper is a ‘moron’ and addressed the rumour of him sleeping with 9ice’s wife, which broke up their marriage, he also state that the rapper is something of the past.

But the veteran rapper has publicly deny the new allegations that he snitched on Naira Marley, which led to the singer’s arrest by EFCC.

he refuted the claims in a statement stating he has no hands in the case and has not practically involve in any form of problem with the singer, he has only told him what was right just as he always did.

Here is his statement “I have read and heard all sorts of comments pertaining to the Naira Marley case and seen the misinformation making the rounds which is quite unfortunate to say the least. I do not know Naira Marley personally, the same way I do not know the over 300 Nigerians I have gotten justice for against police brutality. I do it because it is who I am. All I did was caution a young artist, who has influence, against making utterances about an issue that by global standard is considered a crime. I believe correcting this was the way to go as an elder, but got insulted for this even by those being misled.

I hereby state categorically that I had nothing to do with his arrest. We all must recall that he glorified fraud on a public platform where security agencies like the Police, NDLEA and EFCC are also on. I am sure they saw his posts and captions the same way we all did. I, however, was the one that cautioned him. I guess this was what led all the darts and arrows my way as a literal mortal retribution to my person.”



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    Naira Marley was very wrong

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