Simi criticizes Nigeria’s educational system

Nigerian songstress, Simi in a yellow dress
Simi in a yellow dress

Nigerian singer and mother of one Simi has come out to condemn and criticize our country’s educationalal system via her insta story.


She has expressed how appalled she is at the time wasted in Nigerian schools studying and learning things that become useless to us in the future.

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The mother of one called the system shit and asked how many of us remember all the things we were taught in school and how many of us are using it now.
In her words “educational system is so shit. Most of us can’t even remember most of what we were taught all the many years we spent in school. People have potential not talent that are not tapped into “because it’s not prestigious enough”…. Then they spend years “learning” sthg they don’t care about.
forget everything right after and end up doing something else with their lives. What’s the point then? What did this to us?

Do you agree with Simi?

Do you think Nigeria’s educational system is shit? Do you think it’s needs to be changed?
Share your thoughts.


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  1. Mike says

    I love simi, girl got point mhen

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