Super League Gunners Fail To Hit target At Europa League Semi-final 2nd Leg, Faces Uncertain Future.

In yet another disappointing display Arsenal has failed to make its fans proud, as they crash and burn out of the Europa League, after a goalless draw with Villareal.

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For 25 years, Arsenal has maintained a proud record of constant participation in  European competitions, but with their recent woes and shitty displays on pitch, many fans of the club had seen the writing on the wall a long time ago, and the clubs failure to reach the Europa final isn’t very shocking to most fans.

However, what seems to be a surprise to the fans is the poor management of the club, less than average performances from the players and amateurish on-pitch experiments from Arteta which has cost the team lot’s of games. One begins to wonder what they were thinking with the Super League decision…

The team has no obvious and renown formation, and is rather constantly making changes to its lineup, their set pieces are all over the place and game play is generally not what it once was.

With their latest dismissal from the Europa league, Arsenal is now set to miss all form of European action next season, and they have just the premier league left this season, as they had earlier crashed out of the FA too.

This is a surprising state for a club that won the FA cup last season, and defeated Liverpool for the community Shield this season, they are now 9th on the league table, with some pretty tough matches left to play.

The club now has one big question mark hanging over it, the fans are clamoring for the owners to sell and leave, some want Arteta gone, and even the future of the players are uncertain after their ridiculously poor season.

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