The Importance of knowing where you belong

Knowing where you belong

Business people discussing and knowing where they belong
Business people meeting around a boardroom table discussing strategy


It’s so beneficial and important in knowing where you belong in the society or workplace.

Once or twice in your life, you must have been to a place that made you feel like you were off, like you were at the wrong place. It could be a new job, you feel like you and the people there don’t match.

It’s all because you don’t belong there. If you want to know if you belong somewhere, you must be able to answer these questions, what are my values? What are my strengths? How do I perform?

You really can’t make much of a difference in anyplace you just waltz into without being about to answer those questions.

If you decide to just forget about all these, then you are bound to have that feeling of being unwanted pricking your conscience.

Take for instance you go out with your friends to a club or a crowded place and your values are against it, you’ll feel out of place. If you are offered alcohol but it’s actually your weakness, you are bound to be laughed at and embarrassed. Then your friends drag you to the dance floor but you are terrible at performing or doing anything thing in public, you’ll be embarrassed again and will vow to yourself never to allow your friends drag you to such a place because you just don’t belong.

When you realize that you have to start compromising, then you probably don’t belong there, when you want to say no to something but feel pressured to day yes, you don’t belong there.

One thing to remember when you find yourself stuck in such a place is, it’s never too late to leave and start again in a place that you do belong.



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