The Power Of Negative Thinking

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Once or twice, you must have heard people tell you to “look on the bright side”, it’s something optimists tend to say. They fully understand the power of positive thinking. I like to say positive thinking is you thinking optimistically while negative thinking is you thinking pessimistically.

If you choose to define positive thinking as a mental attitude in which you expect positive and good results, then you should define negative thinking as a mental attitude in which you expect negative and bad results.


Negative thinkers are seen as unhappy people, disturbed and restless individuals because they choose to look at the side that brings nothing but unrest and negativity.
I strongly feel its because they do not understand the power of negative thinking.

While positive thinking has the ability to give us peace of mind, negative thinking does just the opposite. And what can a righteous man do without peace of mind brethren?

When you apply for a job and the only thing you think of is “I can’t get the job, I’m not good enough” or “why would they pick me when they have so many other choices that I can’t compete with?” then you are a negative thinker. The power negative thinking has over an individual is something that should be studied, so you’ll understand why you should flee from the devil, that is negative thinking.

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Negative thinking makes you a self-critic. You criticize your whole being. To you, you are not good enough, you are always going to be everyone’s last choice, that’s if they even choose to pick you at all. You criticize even the tiniest bit about yourself. Why not associate this with low self-esteem? As a negative thinker, you become a self-critic and from there you fall into the trap of having low self-esteem. I mean, how will you face others if you can’t face yourself?

Negative thinking makes you indecisive. You get an opportunity to do something of relevance then you start thinking of failure. That’s on one side, the other is what if you don’t take the job and you never get another opportunity such as that ever again? How are you going to make that decision? You take the job, your first thought is that it’s going to fail, you don’t, you are not getting another opportunity again. You are stuck.

Being pessimistic about everything has the ability to cripple your success. In fact, how do you become successful without giving anything a chance? You won’t be able to give anything a chance if you surround yourself with negative thoughts. So, you have been crippled by your pessimistic nature.

Have you heard of GAD, Generalized anxiety disorder? This disorder is characterized by chronic anxiety, EXAGGERATED worry and tension, even when there is little or nothing to provoke it. A negative thinker is overpowered by anxiety. Is it going work out? Is it not going to work out? You are going to be restless about of your decisions, your job applications. You’ll experience mental uneasiness, no peace of mind for a negative thinker.

Negative thinking reduces your lifespan. A negative thinker worries a lot, it’s inevitable. Always worried that nothing is going to work out for you. Your negative thoughts cloud all your decisions and actions so how exactly do you expect to live a healthy life? You are so busy worrying that you overlook the important things in your life, like your health.

The power of negative thinking should not be underestimated by anyone. It can ruin a person’s life, it can ruin your life. Look on the bright side, you’ll be surprised at your own progress.


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    Wow! The best piece of writing I’ve read in a long time ❤️ this is excellent 👏

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