Top 3 Of The Best Free Password Managers For Mobile And Desktop

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The best free password managers you can trust

Picking a free password manager is not as easy as it seems, especially if you are someone who knows the implication of choosing the wrong password managers, and heck! if you do not know, there is a lot that can go wrong if you end up with a spooky password manager.

In fact, of all the apps on your phone or PC, this is the one app that you must trust the most, you need to trust your password manager even more than your bank app.

You heard that right. Your bank app might have your money, let’s imagine all your money. But at least they don’t have all your confidential information. This could be information that can damage your reputation or leak your life’s work and even your bank’s information.

Picking the right password manager

You already know what I mean. Even if you do not have such information on your devices right now, chances are you may have it in the near future and if your password manager has failed you even once, you may be subject to hacks for the rest of your life.

Don’t get too frightened though because these password managers I am about to share with you have proven over time to be effective. And there are companies that know the dangers of a data breach and work tirelessly to keep their technologies up to date.

Google Free Password Manager

Google Free Password Manager

That does not come as a surprise does it? The tech giant has dominated the tech industry with tools for almost everything. You just cannot live your life freely without trusting google with something in your life. If you are an android user, you already have a Google account and since this password manager is from Google, you must have a google account in order to get it for free.

🔐 Available on all platforms.
🔐 Security is 100% guaranteed.
🔐 Is owned by Google, they know how to protect information and have the best team of experts.
🔐 It’s completely free.

🔓 You must have a google account.
🔓 It is controlled by Google.
🔓 There is no guarantee that the company will keep the tool forever.

Logme Once Password Manager

This is another great free password manager for Android, IOS, and PC. Their beautifully designed password manager has been protecting people since 2011.

🔐 Has an app that syncs on all platforms.
🔐 Fully Secured.
🔐 Offer many features.
🔐 Has a freemium for all platforms

🔓 Displays advertisement.
🔓 Premium is needed for SMS 2-factor authentication.

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Keepass Free Password Manager

Keepass free password manager

Keepass is my favorite password manager on the list. it does require you have advanced computer skills but If you are that kind of person then you will get to love it. And It’s an open source tool that many people around the world improve all the time which gives it much better security compared to ones that are controlled by just one company.

🔐 It’s open source.
🔐 Excellent security.
🔐 Store password histories.
🔐 It’s completely free.

🔓 User interface is not user-friendly.
🔓 Passwords are added manually.
🔓 No support for mobile.

There you have it, those are the best free password managers you can trust.

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