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Son Marine

ShootOut Now Marines is an entertaining fictional adventure.

The marines here did not refer to any official marine corps.

Your mission is to defend the online world against numerous threats to bring freedom, peace, love, and entertainment.

Your rewards are rare gems and ammo, perform daily tasks to get your rewards.

You can convert your reward to airtime, data subscriptions, and cash (USD & NGN).

Below are your default missions, these default missions will give you a fixed reward upon completion, unlike other more powerful missions you will find on your FYP, for each default mission you complete you will be credited instantly and there are no limitations except otherwise.

Your default missions reward you with ammo because you’re a marine corp, get your riffle ready to start your next mission.

Whenever you want to exchange your ammo for money, go to the marketplace, be humble in there before you got your cover blown by a sergeant.

Your Default Missions

Missions Reward Reward Type
Daily Site Visit 100 Ammo
Daily Login 50 Ammo
View Content 20 Ammo
Comment 30 Ammo
Review Product 50 Ammo
Sign Up 100 Points
View Video 30 Grenades
Refer Site Visit ₦5 NGN
Referral ₦50 NGN
Refer Creator ₦1000 NGN
More on FYP Visit Market GoTo Account

Your Daily Mission.



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