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How to create an account?

Creating an account on shootoutnow is as simple as peeling a banana.

You can navigate to register or Click Here and fill in your information to become a marine for free.

Please choose a strong password

What is it About?

The focus of shootoutnow is to create a fun-filled environment with a strange kind of entertainment.

shootoutnow is an entertainment platform, that is focused on building an open community around the platform, we are creating a community that will bring together everyday internet users and creators, singers, comedian and many entertainers.

We want to keep an active and open entertainment while every party get benefits and value from their presence on the platform.

How Can I Get Ammo/Points

After you create your account you can access your dashboard by navigating to Account.

There are a list of task that are updated daily, each task you perform gives you some ammo that you can see in your balance.

You can also get Ammo/points when you view any post on the website and you can share your referral link which can be found on your dashboard to get points when anyone visits our website through the link or create an account.

How To Sell Ammo and Convert Points to Airtime?

To sell your Ammo, Go to Market.

You can access market on your dashboard.

How many Ammo/ points do I need before I convert or sell?

Note: if you convert or sell your Ammo, you can lose your position on the shootoutnow marines leaderboard, if you’re contesting on the Instagram contest, then you won’t want to sell your Ammo yet until the contest is over.

Each Ammo you convert is deducted from your balance.

To know how to sell go to MARKET

Is ShootOut Now Legit or Scam?

Shootoutnow is a registered media and entertainment company in Nigeria.

Our website is 2 years old and has never gotten any spam or scam report by any authority.

So, ShootOut Now is a legitimate and safe website that is committed in providing all it services, and is making sure to meet the needs of it users and members


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