Why Mediocrity Should Not Be An Option For You

Have you ever done a project and then your supervisor says “it’s not bad but it’s not great either”? It’s not a problem if you are told this once but when it becomes something you are used to hearing about your work, then it’s a problem.

When you are given a task, after completing it the response you get should either be good or bad, hearing things like “it’s ok…. It’s not too bad” means you are mediocre.


A mediocre is someone whom you cannot at any time speak of, as being great, poor or average, the person is just ok. That’s the description, average. Such a person is just there. You don’t expect excellent results from the person. A mediocre is just an addition to the number of workers.

This shouldn’t be so for anybody, in short, mediocrity shouldn’t be an option for you. Being mediocre is being average.

If you are average, no one will expect great things from you. They know you won’t do more than what you’ve been doing, the output is always the same with your work, you are predictable. So they give little things to you to do, things that have little or no effect on the company or the project.

Some people feel mediocrity is ok, they might say it like “I can’t come and kill myself. Should I cry because I’m not dangote or Bill gate? this life is simple o, no stress”. This is what a mediocre would say.

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If you truly understand the concept, you’ll realize that mediocre is just another word for lazy. It’s you being satisfied, contented with whatever you are given. You are too lazy to leave your comfort zone, there’s no zeal or enthusiasm in you. You are just normal, no one can say there’s something extraordinary about you.

Sometimes in our life, we feel angry with ourselves about the position or state we are in and then feel even worse when we see our mates doing better, then you hear someone say “don’t you know that some people are worse off than you? Don’t you know some people pray to be in your position?”. I’m not gonna lie, I hate people who say these things, they are basically encouraging your mediocre life and you choose to accept it to make your self feel better.

If you want to truly feel better then you shouldn’t let mediocrity be an option, you shouldn’t be ok with an average life. Mediocrity doesn’t help you achieve anything. That’s why when people tell me “you did well, you tried” I never believe it, I always feel that I could have done way better.

When you do an excellent job, people don’t say ‘you tried or you did well”, they make no corrections, they just praise you.

We are at an age where being average is not an option, it’s not accepted anywhere. If you want to do something, why not be the best? Why not leave the life of mediocrity and just burst brain?

Silver and gold, I have not, but words of wisdom that can change your life I bring to you…do not allow mediocrity to be an option for you!


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