Woman Gives Birth After Six Years Of Pregnancy

In an interview with legitng news, New mum, Taiwo Lawal, shared her long and tiring pregnancy experience.

Six years ago, Taiwo Lawal found out she was pregnant. All was well until three months after when she had a terrible dream concerning her pregnancy.


In the dream she was shot directly in her tummy and that marked the start of her pregnancy troubles. Nine months after the dream, Taiwo had still not given birth.

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People around her started to talk because she’d been pregnant for a year and still didn’t look like she would giving birth anytime soon. Taiwo decided to seek spiritual help and went to her church where she stayed for three years and six months but no results.

Her brother got frustrated with her staying there and told her to leave. She revealed that during her stay in the church she’d contemplated on commiting suicide.

There were times when her tummy would lessen like she wasn’t pregnant and also times when she felt the baby on her back instead of her stomach. She also experienced a period where she went to the hospital for a scan and the baby wasn’t seen.

The period which she described as tough finally came an end after a total of six years of carrying the baby. She delivered her baby girl at 9:00 am on Wednesday, May 11, 2022.

Taiwo is truly grateful for helping her finally give birth and also for being a strong support system. The new mum joked that she expected the baby to come out with teeth after the long period it spend in her tummy.

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