Woman Reveals Why She Slept With Her 16-year Old Son

Woman Reveals Why She Slept With Her 16-year Old Son

In an interview with the Nation, Matina Agawua, a native of Yelwata in Nasarawa state confessed to sleeping with her own son.


Matina was a widow with a son for thirteen years until she met her current husband. Six years after they got married, Matina still hadn’t gotten pregnant and so her in-laws began to threaten her.

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“We had been married for six years but we were still childless due to my husband’s fault, according to doctor’s report” Matina revealed. She said she had heard about her husband’s plan to take another wife.

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She suggested that they take a fertility test but her husband refused so she suspected get husband was suffering from low sperm count and so he was the reason she couldn’t get pregnant.

She thought of having an affair but she was afraid of her husband so she thought of her 16-year-old son who was schooling in Akwanga and staying with their relatives.

One day she visited him while on her ovulation period and slept with him. Then she got pregnant.

Three months to the incident, Matina and her husband had not had intercourse for that period so when she came to him with the news, he was suspicious. He mentioned that it’d been three months since he slept with her so how could she be pregnant?

He accused her of sleeping around and then she confessed to sleeping with her son and when her son was questioned, he revealed what happened between them.

Matina insists it was the only thing she could do to keep her marriage. But her husband was furious so in fear that he might hurt her, she left the house.

She has no plans to abort the baby.

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