Woman Sues Parents After Discovering Their Betrayal

A woman is taking legal action against her parents after discovering that they misused funds that were intended for her education.

The woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, took to social media platform Reddit to reveal her story.According to her post, the woman’s great-aunt had set up savings accounts for all of her female relatives to fund their education.


In the woman’s culture, education for women was not valued and the great-aunt wanted to ensure that the young women in her family had the opportunity to pursue higher education.

When the great-aunt passed away, she left money for every girl relative she could.However, when the woman graduated and went to the bank to get money for her education, she found that the majority of the funds were gone.

Upon confronting her parents, she discovered that they had used the money to pay for her brother’s wedding. Her sister did not care because she got married right out of high school and did not plan on attending college.

Feeling betrayed by her parents, the woman decided to take legal action and is now suing them for the remaining funds that were meant for her education.

However, her decision has caused a rift in her family and she has been ostracized by them for airing their private business in public. In her Reddit post, the woman expressed her disappointment in her parents’ actions, stating that her great-aunt had a vision for their family that her parents had no right to take away. She is determined to fight for justice and the future that was intended for her.

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