You Can’t Believe This! Cristiano Ronaldo’s Power Comes From Under Water [Confirmed]

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s speed and power is a product from the water sprints

Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his persistent hard work, both on and off the pitch, but what else are we not aware of the 34 year old Portuguese Legend.

The Portuguese good performances did not only came from his outrageous training on the pitch, we know of this fact for sometime now, as he is also known for taking a strict diet and some good medical attention, but yet again there is something we were not aware of. 

The former Real Madrid and Manchester United star’s recent update on his workouts clearly show us he has gotten his power and speed from his underwater workouts, the Juventus star posted his underwater workout session on social media and it gives us all we need to know about what is behind his speed demon moves.

Watch Video: Cristiano Ronaldo Water Session

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He recently jumped about 2.56 meters in the air to score against Sampdoria in Serie a and that was not the only time he was seen flying in the space to get his head on the ball, he earlier in his career scored a 2.93 meters against his former club man united and you can never doubt the power of the Portuguese skipper.

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