Pregnant Woman Pushes Husband From 2-Storey Building

In a shocking incident in Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi state, a pregnant woman allegedly pushed her husband to his demise from a two-story building. The victim, identified as Nwoga Maduabuchi, had two wives, and the accused is reported to be the second wife.

According to an anonymous security officer, the tragic event unfolded during a heated argument between the victim and his second wife over a family matter, as reported by The Punch. Describing the incident as a case of domestic violence, the security officer highlighted that the victim became a casualty of a family dispute.


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“The man is just a victim of domestic violence. He had two wives. The first wife is from Izzi local government area, while the second wife is from Uburu, in the Ohaozara local government area of the state. It’s a family matter. But the second became so enraged over the matter and acted the way she did, by pushing her husband down from the two-story building. That’s the height of it. That’s the height of wickedness,” explained the security officer.

Another source disclosed that the heavily pregnant wife had been involved in intermittent quarrels with the victim, constantly nagging. The motive behind this tragic act is believed to be rooted in ongoing family conflicts.

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