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Fast and furious 9 features Dom Toretto who is living a life off the grid with Letty and his son, but still aware of the life they left behind and the danger that comes with it.


In this part of the Fast and furious series, Dom is forced to face all his past mistakes to save those he loves most.

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This leads to the crew coming together to stop a world-shattering plot by the most skilled assassin and high-performance driver they’ve ever encountered — Dom’s forsaken brother.

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The first film was released in 2001, which began the original tetralogy of flicks concentrated on illegal road racing and crowned in the film Fast & Furious (2009).

The series transitioned towards grabs and observing with Fast Five (2011) and was followed by four conclusions, with the most recent, F9, released in 2021.

A tenth and eleventh film are planned to conclude the series, and the main flicks are inclusively known as The Fast Saga.
Universal expanded the series to include the spin-off film Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw (2019), while its attachment DreamWorks Animation followed this with the animated streaming TV series Fast & Furious Asset Racers. Soundtrack compendiums have been released for all the flicks, as well as compendium compendiums containing being music heard in the flicks. Two short flicks that tie into the series have also been released.

The series has been commercially successful; Universal’s biggest ballot, it’s the seventh loftiest-grossing film series, with a combined gross of over$ 6 billion. (1)

Critical event for the first four flicks were mixed to negative until the fifth and after flicks, which were more mixed to appreciatively entered.

Outside of the flicks, Fast & Furious has been the focus of other media, including lodestones at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Florida, live shows, commercials, numerous videotape games and toys. It’s considered the vehicle that propelled lead actors Vin Diesel and Paul Walker to stardom. (2)

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